Attune Documentation

Tedious repetitive tasks are bogging you down and wasting your precious time. Tasks are missing deadlines and you are not as efficient as you know you can be.

Our software solution Attune automates and orchestrates processes to streamline deployments, scaling, migrations, and management of your systems. We’re using the Attune platform to build a community of sharable automated and orchestrated processes.

System Administrator’s can leverage the publicly available orchestrated blueprints to increase their productivity, and accelerate the delivery of projects. System Administrator’s can open-source their own and improve existing community orchestrated projects.

The collective power of a community of talented individuals working in concert delivers not only more ideas, but quicker development and troubleshooting when issues arise.

What is Attune

Attune automates and orchestrates scripts, commands, and processes exactly as they would be manually typed into a device.

Easily and quickly develop simple and bespoke IT/OT automation with ServerTribe’s Attune.

  • Build with Popular Scripting Languages

  • Rapidly Build Automated Processes

  • Portable and Sharable IP

  • Full-stack Multi-server Orchestration

  • Centralised Scheduler

  • Automated Document Generation

Attune is our flexible IT Automation & Orchestration solution, a self-documenting central source of reusable proven processes, files and backups to build and maintain your IT/OT infrastructure. Attune is used on enterprise critical infrastructure through to NUCs and home network infrastructure.


Demonstration of creating an automated process in Attune.

If you’d like a live online demonstration of Attune and the opportunity to ask questions, please contact ServerTribe.

Get Attune!

Download Attune App

The Attune desktop app is available for download through the ServerTribe website and the Community Edition is free to use.

Visit the ServerTribe website to review Attune’s subscription licensing models.

If you’d like the Attune server, please contact ServerTribe.

About Attune

Value Proposition:

  • Reusable IT automated & orchestrated processes.

  • Self-service Portal for the business to run jobs.

  • Self-documenting central source of truth.

Use Cases:

  • Provision Environments & Servers

  • OS Upgrades & Configuration Changes

  • Hardware Replacements

  • Application Deployment

  • Oracle Database Upgrades

  • Dataset Backups & Restoration

  • Disaster Recovery

Business Value:

  • Accelerate Project Delivery

  • Reduce Overheads

  • Improve Key Resource Productivity

  • Proven Process for Consistency

  • Eliminate Human Error

  • Knowledge Capture

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